the project

1001 dreams is an ongoing interactive public installation where pedestrians in several cities around the globe will come across a printed pillowcase depicting a text and scene of a dream. People discover them as soft found objects; read them; and maybe even take them home. Then follow instructions printed thereon to send me their dreams—which then are made into new pillowcases that are going to be left all around the world.

This project, a public art installation, has as goals: to make material, what is immaterial; to make public what is private; and, to question the concept of authorship. Dreams, compiled from our collective unconscious, do not develop individually but are inherited. Paraphrasing Jung, “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes”.

Dreams can penetrate our lives in so many ways; I’m using my art as a vehicle to let them travel from one realm to another—from the unconscious, to the conscious, and back.

This project is inspired by Scheherazade who on “One Thousand and One Nights” turns fate and destiny her invisible partners.